During perimenopause is nausea normal?



Nausea is a very common symptom of perimenopause. It hits women in different ways - some describe being stricken with a wave of fierce nausea before the onset of a hot flash; while others experience it most drastically when they get stressed out or nervous over something unrelated. Others even say that their nausea depends on what foods they've eaten; many blame fatty or greasy foods as the prime culprits.


Whatever the cause, nausea during perimenopause can feel similar to the morning sickness that a woman experiences during the first couple months of a pregnancy. It can accompany hot flashes and night sweats and also cause perimenopausal women to miss work, social events and even to lose drastic amounts of weight.


The strange thing about nausea is that you'll be hard pressed to find it included in a list of symptoms associated with the onset of perimenopause, so we're not sure why it happens. It could be your hormonal changes, or it could be due to the stress that entering menopause is causing you.


If you do a search online for "nausea during perimenopause" you'll find some great forums and Blogs related to this topic. Many of these forums serve as support networks for women looking to relate to other women who are experiencing the same things they are. If you have access to a computer, a menopause Blog can be a very helpful support system for you that you might not be getting from your family, friends or doctor. If you don't have access to a computer, track down a local menopause support group that meets regularly in person.


Meanwhile, to curb your nausea try one of these remedies that I found recommended on various menopause websites:





Posted by Debbie on March 28,2007 at 6:29 PM

I thought I had food poisoning--a few times a month for the past six months, except I wasn't throwing up.  For the past year I have also had feelings of vertigo off and on.  Watching the Oscars with friends we had take-out Thai food and I had to miss work the next day because of the nausea.  I inquired of my friends, and they felt great.  That is when I did research and figure that what I was feeling was 'morning sickness' related to perimenopause--not food poisoning.

Posted by Sylvia on March 2,2007 at 10:12 PM
I am so happy to have found this site.  Thank you all for sharing.  Suddenly, after a life of merely no symptoms to write home about, I am nauseous before my periods.  I am 51 and have had perimenopausal symptoms for quite some time.
I usually ignore any of those and adjust.  But being nauseous is nothing too easy to ignore. (Especially if you have to 'perform' for the day).  I will try the acupressure on the wrist, the teas, crackers, etc.  Ideally, I would like to find THE cure to prevent this bad feeling.  Soy???? B6????  
Posted by debrah on February 18,2007 at 6:18 PM
have been going through perimenopause 4 years now feel like it will never endhad body aches  moods feeling crazy tied u name it
Posted by laura on February 8,2007 at 4:05 PM
I've been getting nauseated about five days after my period ends. It goes away when my period begins. I feel exactly like I did with morning sickness. My OBGYN is doing an ultra sound to rule out fibriods because last month I got cramping on top of the nausea. I'm 38 and running after small kids! This stinks!
Posted by Rose on January 28,2007 at 11:08 PM
Starting nov. '06 was the first time I felt nausea with my period. It has now since
happened in DEC. and right now I  Jan. '07! It feels just like morning sickness but lasts
all day long the entire time of my period. I am also feel light headed with it.
I need to see if there is anything else that could help besides the crackers and tea
I keep close to me as well. I have never dreamed that this would happen. ugh!
Posted by linda on January 5,2007 at 10:04 AM
I also get nasuauous (sp) often, normally just before my period and when im on my period and then again during ovulation. I have tried crackers, and chamoile tea sometimes and malox.  But it doesn't always work.  
Posted by Lynn on July 13,2006 at 10:44 AM
My last period was 01/17/05. I had  noticed I was was getting nauseaus more often back than, but never thought of menapause as the reason. Now depending on the week I can be sick up to twice a day or twice a week. I have to limit the spicy foods I've always loved, and a night out leaves my stomach in knots for 2 days. So, antacids, crackers and green tea are always around. I have also had the not so common symptoms of painful mouth (like pizza burn) for weeks, and peeling skin on my feet, not attractive. Sometimes you feel like your body is turning against you, or you are just falling apart all in a short amount of time. We all have different symptoms and as long as you are keeping in touch with a M.D. as recommended, you can chalk alot up to nature instead of illness of it's own
Posted by CHERYL on June 4,2006 at 11:16 AM

Thank you for your help and for putting me in touch with other women going through menopause like me. It helps to know that I'm not alone.

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