Sweaty Crotch

I am 47 years old. Recently, I was sitting at a sporting event for approximately 3 hours.  It was an air-conditioned gym, but when I got up my cotton pants were wet in the front, between and partially down the inside of my pant legs. I had to use my cushion to cover the front because it looked as if I'd had an accident. I'm accustomed to perspiring under my arms, but I haven't experienced anything like this before.


Could this be perimenopause?




Excessive sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis, can be a very upsetting and uncomfortable condition. For many it can be a sign of a more serious health problem; however for most it's simply an embarrassing annoyance.


For women in perimenopause (the stage leading up to menopause), a women's body will go through a slew of changes - most of them hormonal - and all of which have terribly embarrassing side affects. The most common symptom of menopause is hot flashes which cause an incredible bout of sweating.


Hot flashes occur when the body temperature rises due to a drop in estrogen levels. Hot flashes are always accompanied by a side order of sweating and an intense "hot under the collar" sensation. Many women suffer dizziness and lack of energy during a hot flash, so I'm surprised you experienced one without recognizing it.


During a hot flash, the body naturally cools down by excreting fluids and salts (sweat) out of the body via the pores. Typically, the more severe a hot flash; the more severely you'll sweat. However, many areas of the body are more prone to sweating than others.


For example, any area on your body that makes contact – such as the underarms, in between the breasts, the inner elbows and knees…and yes definitely between the thighs - are the most prone to sweating. Since these areas tend to rub together more than other parts of the body the sweat will collect here in pools and the skin may become more irritated from friction created when your clothes rubs against your skin. Another unfavorable side effect of hot flashes is the odor that follows.


Hot flashes are very common to perimenopausal women, in addition to a more severe type of hot flash that occurs at night - appropriately called "night sweats." Night sweats will interrupt a woman's sleep patterns and virtually soak her skin in sweat. Night sweats are typically followed by chills (the body's attempt to cool down).


If you're concerned about hyperhidrosis or hot flashes consult your doctor for a remedy that's suitable for you.


Posted by Sandi on March 22,2007 at 6:27 PM
I have the same sweaty crotch problem.  My happens when I am asleep at night.  This wakes me up and I wish I know how to prevent it since it leaves me very tired the next day.
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