Leaking Breasts

I've had tests, mammograms, and all were normal. I leak every month and hurt sometimes really bad. I don't have any lumps or any wrong color to the liquid. I've been leaking for about a year now, always around my period. No one can tell me why all of a sudden at 34 I began to leak. It just reminded me of the importance of research on female issues. If it was a man who had to put up with a leaky breast that hurt to the touch, there would be a huge push for research to at least find out the cause. I don't know of any reason why my breast would be leaking but if it is menopause then at least there would be a reason for it. It's rather bothersome.





I completely agree with Terra. There is still so much more research that needs to be done on female issues. But you have to admit that we have come a long way. Back in the middle to end of the 19th century, all health or emotional problems in a woman were attributed to her uterus. It was coined the term "hysteria", hystera being the Greek word for uterus. Treatment for any problem was either massage of the genitals by a doctor, or the complete removal of the uterus!


Luckily we have moved way past this, but there is still a lot to be learned. If you're interested in women's health issues, visit the Society for Women's Health Research online. You can find out how you can support women's research.


And yes, a leaking breast can be quite bothersome, especially when there seems to be no obvious cause. I'm glad to hear that you've been to a doctor and have had tests done to make sure that the leaking breast is not a sign of a more serious health problem.


Some women do experience regular breast pain associated with their menstrual cycle - this is called cyclical breast pain. Non-cyclical breast pain has no relation to the menstrual cycle and is more often associated with menopause, occurring in women between the ages of 40-50. It is not a typical symptom of menopause, but leaking breasts do happen for some women experiencing the early signs of menopause. Breast pain could also be caused by an injury.  


Most nipple discharge is completely harmless and is associated with hormonal imbalances, something that occurs quite frequently throughout a woman's life. This could occur because of certain medications, thyroid problems, or (rarely) tumors. If your breast discharge is worrisome or if you experience the following, you should see a doctor:

·        Discharge on only one side of breasts (one breast)

·        Blood in discharge

·        The discharge is sticky, brown, or off-colored

·        Is a fluid besides breast milk

·        Appears unexpectedly without stimulation


Mammograms, sonograms, breast examinations, and possibly a biopsy may be completed if the doctor suspects any kind of breast disease.

Posted by Dee Mann on March 14,2008 at 6:41 AM

My nipples secreet a milky liquid when I squeeze them, this is a recent occurance, I do not feel pain and generally my health is good.  I am 36 years of age, smoke and do not take any contraceptive I am 13 days into my cycle which is always.  Could you please advise. Thank you. Dee

Posted by M. on April 20,2007 at 1:24 AM

I'm 17yrs now and i realised that when i squeeze my nipples white see through like discharge comes out...my breast heart and swell up every now and then and when they do it really hurts...i don't know if this is normal for a female of my age,i've been searching on the net for a reason but there is no solution,if anyone could help me out i'd really appriciate it, i have no lumps and got no lumps and been to the doctor 3 times t run and have been told that there is no problem with me,but to me it just doesn't feel right. my e-mail is soodyz@hotmail.com

Posted by Erica on March 22,2007 at 8:06 PM
My nipples when squezed leak clear fluids, i just came of my period is this normal, it has never happened befor.  my email address is fraserfire2000@yahoo.com Thank You
Posted by Duane Abel on February 26,2007 at 1:13 PM
my wife when she squeezes her nipples milk comes out and she hasn't breastfed for about 2.5 yrs. and she has no lumps and her breast are sore what could it be HElP
Posted by stacie on January 23,2007 at 5:40 AM
i have clear discharge also it has no certain time. it comes ou if i squeeze my nipple. its not a lot but it is enough for me to see. it looks like a tiny rain drop that wont drop off.
my doc. was very worried at first but then i took all these test and i am fine,
Posted by Dene on January 23,2007 at 2:15 AM
I had celar leakage from my breast. I also had a large bump that I only use to see when I was nursing my kids and my breast would get too full. My kids are now 3 and I stopped nursing when they were 1. To this day my breast still tend to swell and the viens in them are very blue and visible. They still leak clear stuff and at times during four play my husband swears that something comes out of them.
Posted by SMONIQUE1109 on December 27,2006 at 2:28 PM
I also had  pain and leakage in my breast.  I had it checked out by my primary care, he told me to try vitamin E,... worked great.  good luck
Posted by Jackie on December 15,2006 at 12:29 PM
Thank you for these insights.. I will contacy my physician.
Posted by Editor on September 26,2006 at 2:45 PM
Thanks for your question, sammy.

Nipple discharge can be frightening, particularly if it seems to be a strange color, but it's not as uncommon as you might think – breasts are glands and it's not unusual for glands to secrete. Normal breast gland secretion tends to happen on both sides; it might be clear or white, but it can also be yellow or dark green, and it generally happens only when the breast has been squeezed or manipulated or the nipple stimulated. The good news is normal secretions often clear up on their own.

Green discharge can also be caused by an inflamed mammary duct (duct ectasia), something that women in their 40s and 50s, particularly those nearing menopause, can suffer from. In this case the discharge can be thick and sticky – green, grayish or black. An inflamed duct can be painful, and doctors often recommend a warm compress. They may also treat the condition with non-prescription pain remedies (ASA or ibuprofen), antibiotics (if there is an infection) or, in extreme cases, surgery to remove the duct.

Galactorrhea – producing milk when you're not pregnant or nursing – is another possible cause of green discharge (or clear, white or yellow secretions), and so are fibrocystic breast changes. With any of these conditions it's important to rely on your doctor to diagnose the cause of the secretions. You also need to stay in touch with your health care professional to keep her or him informed of any changes you may experience; for example, if your breasts begin to leak spontaneously.

There are several other potential causes for breast secretion as well, including medications like birth control pills or sedatives, or an injury to the chest or breast area. Women early in pregnancy can experience clear, straw colored discharge from the nipples, and during breast-feeding a clogged duct may lead to infection (mastitis) and an abscess that can secrete pus. A small non-cancerous growth projecting into a milk duct near the nipple (intraductal papilloma) can be the source of bloody, sticky discharge, and may be treated by surgically removing the problem duct.

When diagnosing the cause of breast discharge your doctor may run through several questions and tests – blood tests, mammography, breast ultrasound, ductogram (a special X-ray), MRI and analysis of the secretions. Thankfully, even when there's an underlying problem that's responsible for breast discharge it's more likely a relatively benign issue than a dangerous or cancerous condition. Even the more serious breast problems can be dealt with best if you respond to them quickly, so consulting with your doctor is essential.
Posted by sammy on September 16,2006 at 2:22 AM
i have been to the doctors and told them about my breast problem they are not concerned. i told my doctor that i can squeeze my nipple and dark army green fliud
comes out of it. it used to be one side but now they both do it.and he told me to stop squeezing them.that was his solution.it was discovered during forplay with my husband and ive been concerned ever since.ive had mamograms each year they come back normal.i went to a second doctor who took a sample to lab and contacted a few days later and told me they did not know what it was and if it gets blood in it to come back.  
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