Vaginal Dryness Treatments

As your hormone levels continue to change with menopause you will notice an increased dryness and reduced natural lubrication in your vagina and likely other normally wet areas like your mouth, nose and eyes.

Conventional Approach: Use water-soluable lubricants during sex and for ongoing daily comfort. There is also a saying "a well worn path grows no weeds". Translation...enjoy regular sexual activity and masturbation.

Do keep in mind that your vaginal tissue will be less elastic which could lead to injury and put you more at risk of sexually transmitted disease. Always practice safe sex.

Drink plenty of fresh water. Try to consume 8 - 10 full glasses a day. Eat a high water content diet of fresh fruits and veggies.
Complimentary Therapies: Cucumber eye patches are soothing and funny looking. Wet chamomile tea bags on your eyes will also feel good.

Chewing gum (my personal favorite is Cinnamon) will help relieve a dry mouth.

Herbal Vaginal Dryness Remedies: Have a sitz bath (chair like bathtub for the thigh to hip area) laced with comfrey. You might want to further your treatment by applying comfrey ointment to the vaginal area. Good old flax seed oil is also an excellent lubricant and massage oil for the vagina. Don't think of it as 'going to seed'.

Homeopathic Vaginal Dryness Remedies: Both Lycopodium and Natrum mur remedies will bring comfort, but you need to talk to your N.D. to determine exactly which will work the best for you. There are a variety of options if other mucous membranes are dry. Remedies are very specific to your symptoms. Make a detailed account of whether your urine burns, if you have painful intercourse, hot mouth, dry tongue, thirst and any other dryness related issues.

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