Aches and Pains Treatment

Guess what? Aches and pains will become a more prominent part of your life as you move closer to menopause. The good news is that dancing will be part of your new health prescription. And equally important will be your need to rest when required.

Conventional Approach: Walking, yoga and dancing....simple grooving to a CD; or radio station; or more elaborate, instructive styles like African, belly or modern dance will provide relief from aches and pains, plus put a smile on your face. Our bodies are designed to move and the more we indulge in gentle stretching and strengthening exercise the better you will feel. Rest will also play a more serious role in your life. Learning to let go of a busy agenda and allow your body to move at its new natural pace is key. Over the counter drugs may help relieve pain like aspirin and topical rubs like A535 or Tiger Balm.

Complimentary Therapies: Acupuncture and therapeutic massage will help to stimulate deep relaxation. I find Shiatsu Massage particularly effective and energizing.

Herbal Aches and Pains Treatment Remedies: Increase your intake of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. You can get these by increasing your intake of fatty fish.

Homeopathic Aches and Pains Treatment Remedies: Arnica is good for muscle pain.
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