Post Menopause

You've reached Post Menopause. And it's not over. But, if you take your full reproductive picture into consideration you have been experiencing some kind of menstrual, menopausal symptoms since you were pre-teen. And so it continues to go. This is the natural flow of life for a woman.

Some women experience what they call post menopause zest in the post stage. The stormy, tumultuous time is behind them and a sense of calm washes over them. Free of PMS, cramps, bleeding, child bearing, child raising, fear of pregnancy, hot flashes and nights sweats the older woman often feels a unique freedom and an energy that is new to them. They do wacky things like join Red Hat Societies or wear purple. Some join organizations and take up causes to help improve the world. Some claim to finally have time to be themselves.

You will still have to be aware of the societal pull towards the notion that old is bad and young is good. It's not true. Both are of value. You will also have to resist the medicalization of your post menopause symptoms. Again, you do not have a disease. And taking medication for anything over a long time period comes with its own dangers. Be wise. Be well.

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