Symptoms & Treatment of Post Menopause

It seems ironic that after menopause has firmly settled in, and tied itself to the post, you would still have symptoms to deal with. Ah, yes, such is the great fun of living life. And, depending on how you have lived the first half century or so of your life, you will experience different degrees of many of the following symptoms:

Vaginal Dryness and Itching: I call this Itchy Scratchy. Can also describe a mood. In this case the location is key and the effect somewhat annoying. See the Vaginal Dryness and Itching Treatment page for help.

Urethritis & Cystitis: If you've managed to get this far in life and not experienced either of these, congratulations. Commonly known as urethra or bladder infection they give urgency a whole new meaning. See the Urethritis & Cystitus Treatment page for help.

Stress Incontinence: Sounds better than it is. Leaking urine, in small or large amounts, can be induced by sneezing, laughing, coughing and lifting. See the Stress Incontinence Treatment page for help.

High Blood Pressure: Also known as hypertension. The tone of the blood vessels diminishes leaving the passage ways smaller for the flow of blood. See the High Blood Pressure Treatment page for help.

Fractures, bone pain, foot and leg cramps: In part, this comes in under the heading Osteoporosis. Reduced bone density is the problem. The cramps are more of a lightening bolt-type power surge that lodges in your leg or foot. A real attention grabber. See the Fractures, Bone Pain, Foot and Leg Cramp page for help.

Skin Wrinkles: It's not like you will wake up one morning and go...oh my God, I've got wrinkles!!! You've been developing them all along. Part of making your face more sculpturally interesting. My older friend Mary now calls her makeup crack filler. Welcome to Apple Doll Days. See the Skin Wrinkles Treatment page for help.

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