Urethritis & Cystitis Treatment

The burning sensation of a bladder or urethra infection is hard to confuse with anything, but what it is. Added to this is a constant, urgent need to peeeven as you are flushing the toilet. And you will also notice low-back pain.

Both are commonly referred to under one heading, bladder infection. Never hold your urine! This is one of those human traits that will always get you into trouble. Just go when you have to go. Urine is your bodies waste. Holding it will lead to infection. Do not dehydrate yourself. Not drinking does not lead to not peeing. It leads to bladder infections. Always drink plenty of water.

Conventional Approach: Go to your doctor. They will prescribe antibiotics.

Complimentary Therapies: Taking vitamin C can help protect you from frequent infections.

Herbal Urethritis & Cystitus Remedies: If you do not want to go on antibiotics try drinking pure, 100% cranberry juice. Do not bother with juice from concentrate or cranberry drink. This won't work. Pure juice is expensive and it tastes like it will take the skin off your tongue. Instead it will acidify your urine and relieve your infection. Dried cranberries also work.

Homeopathic Urethritis & Cystitus Remedies: Cantharis is a recommended remedy.

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