Vaginal Dryness and Itching Treatment

Dry and itching anything is annoying and crazy making. So you will likely want to get on this menopause symptom sooner than later. They do say if you have an itch, scratch it. But in this case, that would definitely depend on where you were at the time. And you do not want to damage the skin in this area. Best to pick a solution from below:

Conventional Approach: Your doctor can prescribe various lubricants. Be sure to ask what the long range effects are from regular usage.

Complimentary Therapies: Relief may be as close as your kitchen. Try a daily vaginal massage of olive oil. I'd go for extra virgin on the off chance you can turn back the hands of time.

Herbal Vaginal Dryness and Itching Treatment Remedies: Two of my personal favourite itchy scratchy cure all is Aloe Vera Gel and Calendula Cream. Motherwort is also reputed to be good.

Homeopathic Vaginal Dryness and Itching Treatment Remedies: For both dryness and itching you may find relief with Belladonna. Natrum mur and Cantharis are recommended for itching alone. Be very detailed in your observation of your symptoms so that your N..D. can recommend the most effective remedy.

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